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Real Estate Brokerage Services

Alabama Law requires all real estate licensees, no matter their relationship with you to:

  • Provide services honestly and in good faith

  • Exercise reasonable care and skill

  • Keep confidential any information gained in confidence, unless disclosure is required by law or duty to client, the information becomes public knowledge or disclosure is authorized in writing

  • Present all offers promptly to the seller

  • Answer your questions completely and accurately

Further, even if you are working with a licensee who is not your agent, there are many things the licensee may do to assist you. Some examples are:

  • Provide information about properties

  • Show properties

  • Assist in making an offer

  • Provide information about financing

By creating an agency relationship with New Location Realty as a client

  • Offer advice that can not be given to a non-client

  • Help with negotiating on your behalf

  • Perform other real estate services as needed


  • Licensees who are not your agents may work WITH you and ASSIST you

  • Licensees who have a client relationship with you work FOR you and may ADVISE you

    • This client relationship must be in writing

    • Agency is a personal service agreement and can be cancelled at any time

New Location Realty's mission is to help with your real estate goals  

Alabama law requires all agents to give you, the consumer the RECAD form

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